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Workouts For Males Over 60

Before starting your workout routine. If you have not worked out in months or even years. We here at Lean62Body, do recommend that you first visit your medical professional before starting your new routine. Please get your medical doctor’s approval before you jump right into your routine. This will help you to decide which stretches […]


How to lose weight/with stretching

Introductory content. How to lose weight: For us over sixty adults, losing weight seems to be more difficult than when we were younger. Years of dwindling exercise and some overeating, has caused us to gain a few more pounds than we desire. Well today, we are going to help you lose a few pounds naturally. […]


2 thoughts on “Workouts for Seniors over the age of 60

  1. Jake Devins

    Hi, I think working out is super important especially as you get older.   Exercise is an easy thing to put off. It takes hard work and disciple. The rewards are worth it though. Better physical and mental health. Which means being a better friend and family member to those that need you to be there for them. 

    Also it helps you enjoy life more when you feel good about yourself. 

    what advice would you give to someone that is in their 60s and interested in starting exercise.? Also, do you know of gyms give seniors discounts?

    1. Eric

      Thank you very much for your comments. To start from scratch, having done nothing at all. I suggest the normal getting up and reach for the ceiling stretch. That is the first one to do, but not stretch as far as you can on the first one. Do this about three times. Then on the fourth one, reach for the ceiling as far as you can. Then do a couple more and try to stretch on your tipped toes.

      As far as gym discounts; I don’t know of any. On this site most of the content can be done at home. Walking, which I highly recommend can be done with all your activities or in a gym if that is more comfortable for you.

      Again, Thanks for your comments/

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