Consistency/What it means.


Today I’m thinking about growth. Growth comes with being consistency in your stretching. Then wanted results will happen. So let’s get to todays topic of Consistency.

Defining Consistency.

One definitions of the word consistency that I like is: the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time:

Basically doing the same thing daily around the same time. No matter what. 

How does Consistent stretching help.

Consistent stretching helps you build confidence in your abilities. The more often that you stretch, the more you are willing to do it. Any doubts that you may have before that initial stretch, is removed when you consistently do it. You will notice that it gets easier and easier with each stretch. And with each time that you do that intial stretch, amazement will follow seeing how easy it gets.

Building that Consistency.

Your consistency will increase when the intial stretch becomes easier and easier. So let’s build that consistency by setting up a daily routine. That, first stretch when u get out of bed and out of the bathroom. Then that last stretch before bed. I find that these are ideal times to begin at. 

Also, one could set a time of the day for stretching each day. As long as you stick to this time. This should be effective in increasing your stretching mobiity.


The more that you stretch, the more you want to, the better you feel. When it feels weird or strange or just different when you do not any stretching at all. That is when you have achieved consistency.


As you see. Consistency plans the major role in your growth to a more fulfilling, enjoyable, fun and just a more peaceful life. So, let’s get started today. 

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