How does Light Stretching work? Breaking it down.


I,ve heard a lot of different thoughts on stretching throughout my 60+ years of living. Some discount it. Some endorse it completely. I will show you How Light Stretching Works for me daily in my life. How doing light stretching approximately five days a week is very benefiticial. And How Light Stretching five days a week will increase your physical and mental well being, strengthen your core and generally, make you feel better all over.

What Light Stretching Does?

When you do Light Stretching throughout the week, you become more engaging in your daily activities. Whether its at work, play or doing your favorite hobby. Soon you will notice that you are more limber and have more energy than you had before. Your muscles will become more leaner and more solid with consistent light stretching workouts. Your tummy should get more solid when you hold it in on each stretching movement. In time doing these stretches while holding in your tummy, your waist size should decrease and become more firm. One of the most important benefits that I feel will help you is: Confidence. Confidence to the bending, kneeling, fast pace walking, or anything that you previously felt limited in doing. Start today.

How to do your Light Stretching?

One of the keys to more energy and flexability through Light Stretching for our over 60 group; is Breathing. With each gentle stretch it is important to breath in slowly through the nose and gently out through mouth. Do this to help relax your muscles and increase blood flow. We suggest inhaling through the nose and holding for a five count. Then exhaling through the mouth while counting backwards from five. A couple of deep breathes at the begining and end of the workout would be ideal.

Another key to light stretching is: to gently stretch as far as you can the first time during your set.  Please stop where it gets painful. Then complete your second and third set. Reaching just a little further on the second set, then a little further on the third and final set. Don’t forget to do the deep breathing between sets. We recommend starting with three sets so that you can see the growth from the first set to the third set. Let’s get started.

Making time for Light Stretching

Many of us find it difficult to find the time and place to do a workout. Here are some suggestions that I hope helps my fellow over 60 group. Or anyone who is busy. 1. Do a light stretch or two when you get out of bed. I do a full body stretch before I head to the bathroom. After washing my face and neck and brushing my teeth, I normally do a quick upper body stretch and sometimes a lower body stretch in front of the mirror, before exiting the bathroom. 2. Before or after any meal. Takes less than one or two minutes and helps keep me loose. 3. Before bedtime. This is one of my favorites times to do a little more before I shower. I normally stretch a calf or any part of my body that I feel was a little tight that day.

General Light Stretching advice.

Its very important to do your Light stretching with little or no distractions. We all get better at something when we are able to focus more on that particular thing. Also. If outside; try to stay away from smoke and also vehicle exhaust fumes. This will help your breathing to be more natural and clean. We have been asked about eating. We suggest a light food intake before doing your light stretching routine. Or for any phyical exercising. This may help in providing more energy than on an empty stomach. And Yes. Drinking water is suggested. Not only before, and after your Light stretching routine: but also throughtout the day. Its the first thing that I consume in the morning. Water. 

After the Light stretching, we suggest taking a 12 minute or more walk each day, to help to relax you, clear your head and strenghten your muscles. Then on your day off, walk 30 minutes or so at different speeds. If you are able to combine these walks with the Light stretching it will be very beneficial to your total body growth.


Now is the time to Start your way to a more Leaner frame. Just a little everyday, you will then experience the Joy of stretching every chance you get. We also give meaningful advice on how to lose a few pounds. If that is also one of your goals. Its simple and straight forward suggestions. Just like a few stretches daily. All our suggestions/advice should help muscles that are big, bulky, soft, etc. Become smaller, leaner, solid, more flexible and light. Let’s get Started.

 Please leave any questions or comments. This will help us engage with you getting a more Lean and flexible body. Where you will have more mental and physical energy to do the things that you love. Giving more Joy to your well being is our goal!

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